222 Tuesdays are Still *ON*

   Imagine 98% of you can recite this info in your sleep by now.   
   222 Tuesday is a USA/VE general activity night on the 1.25m band.   Get on, call CQ, swing beams, see who’s out there, from about 8-10pm local time.   No single area of focus, no net control.   It’s as good as YOU make it.  

   I will also say here that 222 Tuesday has stunk for many weeks now.   At least it has in the Midwest.   222 Tuesday will not work if the same old 4-6 guys get on every week.   I’m sorry, but I’m frequently unavailable on Tuesdays, so don’t look to me to provide leadership.    I’m already doing the promoting, so I’ve definitely pulled my share of the load.    Not to mention what we’ve been doing for 2 years with 2m nets on Weds. and 146.430 FM nets on Thurs. 

   Real short story —  If 222 Tuesday isn’t enjoyed by many, then I don’t think there’s any point in me continuing to push it.   Or perhaps someone else can do a better job, with a different approach.   The messenger isn’t important; the message is.    There ought to be one night a week (OK, maybe at least once a month?) where 222 gets some activity.   There ought to be dozens of guys across the USA who can help make this happen.  

    Every week, I’ve distributed 222 Tuesday announcements to hundreds of 222 users, via the W6YX VHF email list, and the 222 Prop Logger.   Most of the time, I distribute to NLRS, to CVVHF, to SMC and the Badger Contesters.   Between those 4 groups, I suspect there must be at least 70-90 guys with 222 gear.   Less than 10% have ever gotten on — even once, in the past 8 months.   It’s discouraging.   

    What I’m saying is that very soon, I’m giving up on 222 Tuesday promotion and someone else can take it up, if they feel it’s worthwhile.     I don’t think there’s any new rabbit I can pull out of my hat.   Either a decent number of 222 ops want to help with weekly activity or they don’t.

8 Responses to “222 Tuesdays are Still *ON*”

  1. Dave - W6OAL/Ø Says:

    Our Tuesday night (8 PM local) get together is alive and well here in DM79 and has been for years. We just don’t hear much to anything outside the state of Colorado. During most any contest we do work larry – NØLL on 222.1, anyone else, it’s a big surprise. On occasion I run 1500 W and turn my pair of 16 elements (K1FO) east and shout for a while – always to no avail

    CU 73, Dave…

  2. Jim Froemke Says:

    I hope that you could keep the nets going as they are great for testing out our stations but I understand the frustration in doing so with few check-ins. Before you pull the plug maybe you might want to consider distributing the net control to stations around the area. Then perhaps a once per month net control duty wouldn’t seem as frustrating. If so, you could count on me for one of the distributed net control stations within the limits of my relatively low power on 222 located 416 miles NW of your QTH.
    Or, perhaps dual net control stations operating in tandem each Tuesday to extend the coverage. This might be fun to do once a month.

    In any case keep up the good work. One of the major “cons” of new VHF stations is that “they can’t hear anyone on the bands”. Compared to their experience operating though a repeater where they can at least hear the repeater come back to their transmission if not other local FMers. Many folks are still looking for instant gratification and would rather buy frozen fish from a store then try and catch a walleye in the wild.

    Regards, Jim K0MHC

  3. Danny Pease Says:

    Can’t work what you can’t hear. There is absolutely no activity on 222 outside of contests and a few takers during a rare tropo opening. Even during contests you have to pry them away from 6 and 2 meters to get them on 222 or 432.

  4. K0DPL Says:

    223.500 is VERY active in Linn Co. Benton Co. Iowa. We don’t have a net as such but a good time is had by all. We have an ECHO LINK – LINK in the aeria for our Snow birds KB0KW. We have 2, 223.500 active MOBLE stations, 2, 220 link stations and about 20 regular stations. For years EN 41/42 has been sought after by Contasters. Give us a shout on 223.500 any time as well as 220 Tuesday.

    Dave Lucas

  5. kc9bqa Says:

    I hope these replies to the comments come out in the correct format. I’m far from a wizard with this website.
    First, I appreciate each of the comments that has come in. Thanks.
    Second, I can track the number of website visits here, and today’s been a very busy day, even in mid-afternoon. So for whatever it’s worth, at least many are reading about 222 Tuesdays.

    Dave W6OAL — I’m glad you put your RMVHF net info from Colorado right out there where everybody can see it. I’ve mentioned it on this website before, but doubt we have many readers within 300 miles of the Denver-area.
    Any sort of V/UHF activity benefits from widespread promotion. I can’t tell you how many guys would fire up their rigs more if they knew what was going on and when. You also attract new guys who may be curious, but give up when all they hear are dead bands.

    Jim K0MHC — I *very* much appreciate your offer to help with 222 Tuesdays. There’s only one problem — 222 Tuesdays are NOT a net. I wouldn’t dare let myself get roped into being the sole focus a third night per week. I’d pull my hair out eventually.
    Again, 222 Tuesdays are a general USA/VE activity night. No single focus, net control or area of activity. Everyone/everywhere is encouraged to get on or near 222.100 SSB/CW or 223.500 FM Simplex. Call CQ, swing beams, make noise. It is designed to make each 222’er responsible for improving the band, and not make them slaves to waiting for a net control to point their way for a few moments. What’s better for overall activity? 20-30 guys calling CQ in various directions on multiple frequencies or 20-30 guys sitting quietly, waiting for a brief Q with net control?

    Having said that, if someone could make a 222 net work, I’d be delighted. I also dream about having some sort of multi-state network of focal points (net controls, if you want) where several strong stations call around. You know how I brainstorm. If something like this is of interest, keep in touch with me.
    This could especially apply to the 144.240 net on Weds. at 0100Z/8pm central with WB9LYH. ‘LYH and I already work together, but we could sure use satellite net controls to extend our range.
    I hope you will consider trying the on4kst.com IARU Region 2 chat for 144-432 MHz. It’s an excellent tool, and we put it to good use on Wed. nights.

    NG9R Danny — Your comment says it all. But instead of giving up, a few have chose to try and improve the situation. You want to be part of the defeated or part of the solution?
    Danny, see the comment below from K0DPL? You stand a far better chance of working EN42/41 on 223.500 FM than I do.
    Also be aware that there is 432 activity every Monday. I promote it often on this website. N4PZ calls around on 432.100 Monday nights at 7 or 8pm, from just west of Rockford. He does get 8-12 check-ins most nights, but is *always* asking for more activity.

    K0DPL — Good to hear from you again, Dave. I remember you saying that there’s a devoted bunch of guys in the Cedar Rapids area on 223.500FM. I won’t try to urge them to get on SSB, if they’re already content. I will say that I fell in love with the SSB side because of the DX potential. When 222 Tuesdays were doing better, I was working guys out 200-450 miles with my setup. (Stacked 16 el beams up 110′ + 100 watts) This was under flat conditions. (If any of your guys do have even a modest horizontal beam, I’d enjoy trying to work them — just email me.)
    In fact, if you email me another time, I’d like to know who (if anyone) in your area has at least a 6-15’ long vertical beam. We might be able to make that work, and it’d be a lot of fun. I’ve got a good QTH and SW is a good direction for me.

  6. Danny Pease Says:

    I think the idea is a good one, but I can’t do much for you guys up there from here other than to tell those I know about it, which Todd has done pretty well already.
    I spent a large chunk of one summer with the 222 rig on 24/7 and outside of the June and August contests, I heard 3 stations. Now the antenna was only at 25 feet and I am surrounded by 60 feet tall trees, but I have the same limitations on 2 meter and I always hear stations out to 300 miles during the summer months. 432 is almost as bad, but I do hear an occasional signal there.
    I have tried multiple times to check into N4PL’s net, but he never has heard me yet. I think it would help if his net was later in the evening. I do hear him when he is pointed this way. Actually, it is very seldom that I can’t work any station I can hear on 432 or even 222 for that matter, whether I am at home or at N9JF’s. Can’t say the same about 6 and 2 meters though.

  7. Dave Says:

    I think sometimes we may get trapped into thinking too much about what we can’t do. There is activity every nite of the week and if we
    are serious, there can be contacts made even w/ the crappy conditions of late.
    That being said, ofcourse vhf is hard to make contacts on, if it was easy it would sound like 20 meters.. the challenge is the draw for
    me. Constant improvement is what hams do isn’t it? 222 is just a bit tougher via lack of operators. I have to remember to call on FM
    on Tuesdays too, as I may miss and discourage some that try.
    I think we all can do something to make VHF more popular.


    Dave, WV9E

  8. Ken W0HKR Says:

    Well I have 223.500 on any time I am on. But Don’t have a multi mold just Fm and I will not buy from web and so far no rigs been for sale around here. also only have
    a Vert. and tower restrictions in this town too much of a pain to get permit and have twice a year inspections of same. So point being if i here them I try to contact. so Far except local I have not heard anyone.