Again — 146.430 FM Simplex net *ON* Tonight 8pm

    Made the announcement 4 posts below, but I know how some guys are in a hurry, so I’m repeating it here.   A big focus for the summer and fall is going to be finding FM simplex activity well away from SE WI, now that I have a 10 el vertical beam on both 146/147 and 223 MHz, up 75′ and rotable in a full 360.   
    Please spread the word, or email me so I know you’re out there.   
    Also remember that WV9E Dave is on with his 146.460 FM simplex net at 8:30pm, from Onalaska, just N of La Crosse.   Both of us do these nets to promote activity on less-used portions of 2m, and yes, to hopefully scare up some DX.  
    If anyone in Central or Northern WI has an interest in starting up an FM simplex net, that would be great.

One Response to “Again — 146.430 FM Simplex net *ON* Tonight 8pm”

  1. Dave Says:

    Great idea. Start more nets on FM simplex, get your local technicians,
    or some FM DXers.. Central Wi, Western MN or IA, Northern WI and the UP.. activity is the central focus. Make Thursday night a bright
    radio spot everywhere in the state and surrounding area.