Early Heads-Up that 146.430 FM Simplex net is ON Thur. — 8pm

   I now have 2 options to play with on 146 FM.   The usual vertical up 90′.   Plus now I have a 10 el vert. beam that rotates a full 360, up 75′ high.   With 150w out of a TE systems brick, I figure I can be heard out 100-150 miles, to decent stations.   Farther when the bands are enhanced.  
   Of course, the issue is letting folks in other areas know to get involved.   That’s probably going to take some time.   You can help by spreading the word, especially in areas beyond SE WI.   If you’re reading this and want me to look your way on Thur. nights, best thing you can do is either leave a comment here or email me (I’m good in qrz.com).   I’d like to start reaching out with that vertical beam, and see what’s possible.

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