Enjoying Rotatable 146/147 FM Beam — WIVUCH.com Potential on FM Simplex?

    Spent many hours out here yesterday, twirling the 10 el vertical beam for 2m and seeing what I could hear.   Conditions were good (example, 145.29 in Okemos or Lansing MI was S9+).   Spent a lot of time listening north.   145.11 Wabeno repeater was S7-9.   From 8-9pm, caught the Yo-Yo net called by KB9VXJ on the 145.47 Suring machine.   That built to 40 over, easy.   They had 17 check-ins and nice bunch of hams — fun to listen along to.  
    Started monitoring the 144.870 input and was hearing more than a few of the check-ins on the input.   What’s that tell me?   There are all kinds of simplex opportunities, if guys get on and call CQ (I guess the FM guys mostly drop a callsign and say “KC9BQA monitoring?”) 
    I should honestly get on FM this morning.  
    Still very interested in finding guys all across WI who want to increase activity and work WI counties toward the WIVUCH award.   See www.wivuch.com for details — all are welcome to earn a certificate.   Working 20 WI counties on any bands 50MHz and above is the initial requirement.   SSB/CW/FM simplex Q’s are all valid.   Repeater contacts don’t count because this is a challenge.   But please feel free to talk the program up on the machines.

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