Short Post About Eskip on 144 MHz

    50MHz opens up with sporadic E skip all the time during the summer.   A typical day (speaking broadly) has the band opening up to the E or S in the morning, then sometimes taking a midday/early afternoon lull, then having the band reopen later in the afternoon or early evening.   I’ve noticed Es openings tend to migrate west, but again, this is 6m and it does whatever it wants to.  
    What you want to pay special attention to is when the 6m skip starts getting short.   Typical one-hop distance for Es is 700-1200 miles.   When the skip starts getting shorter, say in the 400-500 mile range, you want to be super alert for the possibility of rare E skip on 144 MHz.   This probably happens about 3-6 times per summer, and when you catch it, it’s a real thrill.  
    When 6m Es are short, make some calls on 144, just in case.   No need to call endlessly; shorter CQ’s with Es are better.   Besides, you want to give “room” for others to call.   I’ve had 144 Es openings where guys 20-30 miles away are making contacts into NY or FL, and I’m not hearing a thing.   Definitely call — if nobody calls, then nobody makes a contact.    But make the calls short, and also listen carefully.   The direction you want to call in is along the short 6m path.  
    And for goodness sake, if you’re hearing multiple Q’s on 144.200, then spread out a little.   Your rig has a VFO, so use it.   It’s human nature to all do the same thing, but if everyone would spread out in big openings, a lot more contacts would be made, with less aggravation.  
    Reason why I mention 144 MHz E skip is because Europe is really going to town today.   The DX sherlock map at is showing a huge 2m Es opening.   I don’t know how to “freeze” that link, so if you check it later, you’ll have to take my word that 100’s of 2m contacts are being made from Eastern Europe to Western Asia.   Looks like the center is over about Turkey.   Now another thing you need to know is that for whatever reason (someone who knows, please post a comment) Europe has many Es openings on 144, and the USA has very few.   So don’t expect such widespread activity in the USA.   BUT… but… use short 6m openings here in the USA as your early warning system.   It could happen any day now, right thru late July into August.   When it happens, be efficient because it could last 5 minutes, or perhaps an hour or two.   But it’s rare and you want to take full advantage of it.    Probably won’t find many ragchews in a 2m sporadic Es opening.

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