T-Storms Nearby @ 6:25pm Central — EN66 and EN65 Stations Should be on 144.240 Tonight.

   Tonight’s 144.240 SSB net forecast is up in the air.   Let me explain.  
  WB9LYH may be home by the 8pm start time (or shortly after).   His QTH in EN54cl is currently free from T-storms.    But if he couldn’t get home in time, then I was going to start things from EN63ao, or 40 miles north of Milwaukee.
   I’m watching slow-moving storms build and creep toward me from both the west and north.   Once they get here, it looks like they’ll stick around a while.  

   Basically, unless the storms fizzle, you’ll have to hope that WB9LYH can get home in time to do the net.   Again, it may start a little late, so be flexible.  
   As net participants filter into the IARU Region 2 chat for 144-432 MHz at www.on4kst.com, I hope they will start some activity of their own on 144.240, if we are unable.  

   If the weather moves thru somehow, I’ll try to get something going myself on 144.240, again with the new start time of 0100Z/8pm central.    I’ve been in the chat and will continue to monitor there.     

  ** I’ll also add that two fellows from the middle part of MI’s U.P. are planning to be on tonight.   So it would be great if some guys would look toward Marquette and Escanaba and pick up N8PUM in EN66 and N8JWT (new fellow on 2m SSB) in EN65.    They thought they might be on as early as 0000Z, so have at it.   🙂   **

One Response to “T-Storms Nearby @ 6:25pm Central — EN66 and EN65 Stations Should be on 144.240 Tonight.”

  1. Matt Says:

    I’m QRZ on .240 as of 7:30 PM local time… QRP station— 3 elem. yagi at 20 feet in EN54 @ 50 watts

    Hope to hear some activity this evening.