11:30am Monday — There Will be 144.250 Activity Tonight

    I’ve heard back from W8BYA and WB9LYH.   Both indicated they would make some calls on 144.250 tonight, to pick up the slack tonight with N0PB in EM39 being off the air tonight.   This is not to replace or take over Phil’s net.   Instead it’s to help promote more activity and give some of N0PB’s check-ins a potential DX target.  

    W8BYA is in EN70, east-central IN.   He gets out a long ways and will be calling at 7pm central/0100Z on 144.250, to see who’s around.  
    WB9LYH is in EN54, central WI.   Also gets out a long ways and he will be calling at 7:45pm central/0145Z on 144.250.  

     The hope is that some new contacts will be put in VHF’ers logs tonight.   It’d be nice to hear more activity out of MO, IA, S ILL and KS.   

     We also realize there’s potential for QRM on 144.250, so we’ll tread lightly, especially after the normal start time of 7:45pm.   We’ll use the on4kst.com real-time VHF chat room for better coordination — hope to see many of you there.   It’s so easy to make skeds with that chat.  We’ll also encourage sliding down to 144.240 or lower, to help spread the activity.

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