146.460 FM Net out of EN43 ON Tomorrow — 8:30pm. My 146.430 FM Net is a Game-Time Decision.

    I’ve already gotten email from WV9E Dave, who calls the 146.460 FM Simplex net from the La Crosse area.   He’s on tomorrow night at their usual time of 8:30pm.   Dave’s website is wv9e.net, if you want further info.   Those La Crosse guys are working hard on increasing activity.    I can hear bits and pieces of them clear across WI about every 4th net.   Look their way and say hello — they want more activity and more DX.  

    My 146.430 net at 8pm is a gametime decision because I’ve got a good head cold.   Tomorrow will be Day 3, and usually that’s the peak of it with me.    My voice already sounds funny and now my taste buds are going bye-bye.   I could fill a Kleenex every 10 minutes, easy.   
    Let’s leave it at this — I’m pretty doubtful for tomorrow night.   If I have a big rebound tomorrow, I’ll put the word out here that we’re on.   If I don’t get on, I hope someone else will call out a few CQ’s, just in case the band is open or a lot of guys are out there.   Anyone can create activity.   🙂

One Response to “146.460 FM Net out of EN43 ON Tomorrow — 8:30pm. My 146.430 FM Net is a Game-Time Decision.”

  1. Dave Says:

    Had a healthy 9 check ins. Some of the usual bunch and 3 ops that
    will perhaps be regulars some time. One a new guy with his HT and
    antenna on the roof…. another short timer just to thank me for doing the net and wondering if we can do something on 6 meters.
    Persistence is the key it would seem.

    I’ll try to be on tonight for some 2 meter activity.


    Dave, WV9E