2m SSB Activity Every Thursday out of Chicago

    I said I was going to update the weekly roster of VHF/UHF activity, and now we’re up to Thursday.   Scroll down this page, if you want the info for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  
    Every Thursday at 7pm central time on 144.220, you have the Q5 Net, hosted by John N9JBW in EN61, south side of Chicago.   John’s been at this for many years, and always has a good group.   John’s a friend of VHF and enjoys hearing from everyone.    Stop by and say hello when you have time.    
    I believe N9JBW starts out looking east (into the eastern time zone, where it’s already 8pm) and then goes clockwise, like our nets do.   Help spread the word about the Q5 net every Thursday at 7pm on 144.220 from EN61 Chicago.

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