Heads-Up for 144.250 (and nearby) Activity Tonight — Monday. Let me explain…

    12:15am early Monday —

    Just saw email from N0PB in EM39 and Phil’s not available tonight to call his popular 144.250 net at 7:45-9:00pm central time tonight.   He’s urged his email contacts to look around and make some noise.   I have asked a few of our guys if they’re willing to help pitch in later tonight.   I’ve also asked Phil if it’s OK with him, as he’s been running this successful net for many years.  

    Long story short, stay tuned here, and hopefully we’ll have something organized tomorrow night between myself, and perhaps K8TQK EM89, KA0KYZ EN33 and/or WB9LYH EN54.   Not really a formal net, but more of a good excuse to get on the air and encourage activity on 2m SSB.    Stay tuned, and check back here later today.   Whatever happens, I’ll be on the on4kst.com chat for IARU Region 2 144/432 MHz when it happens.

    Remember that there’s 432.100 activity every Monday night hosted by N4PZ in EN52gb, who is 100 miles west of Chicago.   Steve has a very big 432 station and he goes around the compass starting at 8pm central, looking SW and then going counter-clockwise from there.   432 activity is hard to come by outside of a contest or big band opening, so take advantage of this whenever you are able.

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