N4QWZ Has a New 2 Meter Beacon

   N4QWZ Todd is a friend of VHF and I want to share this email I got from him today:
“The new N4QWZ/B is on the air. Location is EM74 in North,GA,  Antenna KU4AB Loop  at 3500ft Elevation. its on Sassafras Mtn . I dont have the 6 digit grid square yet, I will try to get that soon, its in a rural area. The ID on the beacon is identifying  EM84 which is incorrect  this will be changed soon. Frequency 144.281. Rig  Ts-700 Kwd running 5 watts.”
     I know a beacon in EM74 is too far for most of us Midwest/Lakes types, unless there’s major enhancement.   But I suspect we have plenty of readers to our south, so they will want to know about this new beacon in the mountains of northern Georgia.

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