Sunday Activity You Can Enjoy — Multiple Options from MN and MI.

   The Minnesota guys are always looking for more check-ins with their Sunday night 6m and 2m nets.   Print this info out and save it near your rigs.  
   K0SIX is on 50.175, from 8:30-9pm central.   Big 6m station, gets out a long ways.   He’s located in EN35dj, or about an hour northwest of the Twin Cities.  
   KA0PQW is on 144.260 (yes .260) at 9pm central.   He’s in EN33iu, south-central MN, near the IA border.   Another nice signal; I work him about anytime we’re pointed at each other.  
   Both Vince and Matt are good guys and friends of VHF.   Check in when you can and spread the word.    Like all of us, it makes them feel better when they get more activity. 

   We’re not quite done with the Sunday lineup yet.   Also have 6m and 2m activity out of SW Michigan.  
    Sunday             8:00 P.M.      50.150 USB     N8QEM    (EN72au)
    Sunday             8:30 P.M.     144.155 USB    K8NFT     (EN62ws)
    Those times are also central.

    I believe the 144.250 SWOT net that K9TMS was hosting from the northern Chicago suburbs at 7pm Sundays is not on the air anymore.   If I’m wrong, someone please correct me.

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