2011 Spring VHF and Up Sprints are ON Starting April 11th

   EDIT ON APRIL 3rd:    If you originally got this info before April 3rd, you might have the wrong dates for the 222 and 432 sprints.   The days of the week are correct, but I typed the wrong dates.   The 222 Sprint is on Tues.,  April **19th**.   The 432 Sprint is on Wed., April **27th**.   Sorry for the confusion. 

   Spring VHF/UHF Sprints sponsor K9JK has set the 2011 Sprint schedule.  
   The dates and times have already been announced in the April QST (World Above 50 MHz — W3ZZ’s column) and with N0AX’s Contest Corral at ARRL. 
   Dates for the 2011 Spring VHF and Up Sprints will be:
   2 Meters — Monday, April 11th from 7-11pm your local time.
   222 MHz — Tuesday, April 19th from 7-11pm your local time.
   70cm — Wednesday, April 27th from 7-11pm your local time.
   Microwaves (902 MHz and higher) — Saturday, May 7th from 6am-1pm your local time. 
   6 Meters — From 2300Z Sat., May 14th until 0300Z Sun., May 15th    
  (The reason that the 6m sprint uses GMT is to account fo the DX potential across different time zones.  By mid-May, there’s a good chance that 6m will have sporadic E skip and contacts could be made all across the USA.   So everyone uses GMT and is all on at the same time.)
   Each sprint is an independent deal.  You may operate in as many or as few as you like. 

    K9JK would like VHF’ers to know that it may be a few weeks until he has a more formal announcement up at his Spring Sprints website.   The website for the Spring Sprints is at http://sites.google.com/site/springvhfupsprints and right now, there’s a short announcement in the upper left.   
    Spread the word across USA/VE that the Spring VHF and Up Sprints are ON.   Save the dates.
    I will certainly repost this info in a few weeks.   You are free to rebroadcast it in your area. 

    Fixed stations — get motivated and rovers, we especially appreciate it when you go out and put a few grids on the air.  For VHF’ers who have poor QTH’s or are antenna-restricted, roving is a great way to turn the tables in your favor.   Visit the bottom half of this Feb. 28th post for complete info about roving.   http://kc9bqa.com/?p=4233

5 Responses to “2011 Spring VHF and Up Sprints are ON Starting April 11th”

  1. Keith KA9RSL Says:

    I plan to work the 2 meter sprint from EN60, EN61, EN70 and EN71
    I will be using a stacked pair of 2 meter horizontal loops.
    Running 200 watts.

  2. Marshall Says:

    Where are the rules for this affair? One of the sprints allows self posting of your CQ frequency and one does not. I try not to enter events that do not allow spotting of your CQ frequency, so it is important for me to know…

    Thank you…

    Marshall K5QE

  3. kc9bqa Says:

    Hi Marshall,
    Glad I caught your email — I’m late and need to run.
    Not sure how to answer your question. You’ll have to either check the link to Sprint sponsor’s K9JK’s website or email John himself.
    I know John will help you, if you can’t find the answer at

    I suspect John will have a more detailed announcement at that website in a few days.

  4. KA9FOX Says:

    It’s unfortunate that the Sprint Sprint website has such limited information. There are no rules listed. What is the power limit? What is the exchange? (4 or 6 digit grid?) Where do you send the logs?

    – Scott KA9FOX

  5. kc9bqa Says:

    Hi Scott,

    You and K5QE (above) have good points.
    I wish I could steer ops toward a valid rules link, but I can’t find any. Please remember that I’m only a promoter here; I have nothing to do with the administration of the Spring Sprints.

    This website http://sites.google.com/site/springvhfupsprints/2011-announcement is what I’ve been checking periodically for updates.
    It does state that the distance-based scoring will be in effect, so everyone use your 6-digit grid squares tonight, if at all possible. The distance-based scoring was implemented in the 2010 Spring VHF and Up Sprints.

    Talked with W9RM in the ON4KST.com chat this morning and Jay remembered that “assistance” is fine in the Spring Sprints. So I’ll be on the air and in the 144-432 MHz chat room, too.

    I kindly encourage guys to get on tonight and support the sprints, and especially the nice variety of rovers who will be going out.