2011 Spring VHF and Up Sprints Start April 11th

    I know most guys are in a hurry so they won’t click back a page or two to see what’s been posted in the last month.  So I’m “bumping” the Spring Sprints info to make sure it stays on the front page. 
    For my March 12th post about this year’s Spring VHF and Up Sprints, use this link:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=4328   All the dates and bands are there.   Spread this info in your own backyard. 

    The first sprint is 2 meters, from 7-11pm local time on Monday, April 11th.   Get your station in tip-top shape, get your rovermobile outfitted, start planning your route now.  I hear it’s going to be 55 and clear that night, with a touch of humidity and great tropo conditions. 
    Want to add that one rover is already talking about going out on April 11th.  KA9RSL writes:  “I plan to work the 2 meter sprint from EN60, EN61, EN70 and EN71.  I will be using a stacked pair of 2 meter horizontal loops.   Running 200 watts.”  

    EDIT EDIT EDIT 1pm Sunday April 3rd —   Did a poor job of proofreading the dates I typed in for my March 12th post I linked to above.   Just so there’s no confusion, the 222 spring is on Tuesday evening, April **19th**, from 7-11pm your local time.   The 432 sprint is on Wednesday evening, April **27th**  The days of the week were right; I typed in the wrong dates.
    If you shared the info with the wrong dates for the 222 and 432 sprints, can you correct it in your own area?  Sorry for the trouble.

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