Badger Contesters Annual Pizza/Beer Party is Tomorrow Night

    If you’re looking for info about the BC’ers get-together tomorrow night, at the Radisson hotel, north side of Milwaukee, click here:  
    Everything you want to know is there, plus a general overview of the the BC club, how to join, etc.  Take a few minutes and absorb that info.   I am a BC’er, but I won’t be able to attend tomorrow night. 

    If you want a graphic of the 175-mile circle that is Badger Contester territory, click here please:   When you view that circle, please note that much of southern Upper MI, western Lower MI, northern IL, northeast IA and far southeast MN are all within the BC circle.  You fellows are more than welcome to join.   More info about joining is in the link I posted in the first sentence up above.   Overall, the BC’ers are a dues-free, low-key, low-stress outfit.  We are always looking for more VHF’ers who will submit their contest scores to ARRL, listing “Badger Contesters” as their club affiliation.

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