Badger Contesters Pizza and Beer Party Friday, April 1st.

   This information comes from my VHF elmer W9GA.   If you are not already a Badger Contester, visit the website ( and click on the left where it says “membership”.  The BC’ers are a dues-free, low-key group.   I am a BC’er and they are the club I submit my VHF/UHF contest scores with.   The BC club circle includes the SE 3/4 of WI, plus parts of N IL, W MI and NE IA.   All are welcome; spread the word.   If you want a visual of the BC club circle, here’s a nifty link:    I can help you with any questions you may have about becoming a BC’er. 
    The pizza get-together usually has 15-25 guys over the course of the evening.   It’s a friendly bunch, and if you’re inclined to go, don’t hesitate.  Here’s the details in W9GA’s words:

    “Hi All;
    It’s time again for Superfest at AES, and our group pizza and beer get together!!

    Be sure to pencil in the evening of Friday, April 1, 2011, for the annual Badger Contester VHF group pizza party.  This gathering has been running for at least the last 16 years, and in the same place. I have reserved the pool suite #124 at the Radisson Milwaukee North Shore at 7065 North Port Washington road.  This fun event is a chance to get together with many of the voices that you hear on the VHF bands, on the nets, and during the contests.  The Radisson is still in the same spot, just east of I43 in Glendale, north/east side of Milwaukee, and just south of Good Hope road.  Thanks to Ray K9KHW, who gets us a reduced room rate for the venue.

   We kick off the gathering around 7 PM, and pass the hat ($10 suggested) for donations to buy pizza and help pay for the room.  Bring some goodies or beverages to share, and also your show and tell items, rigs, QSL’s etc, etc.

   Let me know if you are thinking of attending, I don’t have a head count yet, but several have mentioned coming, including several from out of town (K9JK, WB8BZK, W9FZ, W9JN + grandson, and K4AMK Austin) who are coming in to share in the fun and games.  Bring some drinks to share, and any snack that you have for the gang.  We also encourage you to bring your latest VHF related project, antenna, 10 gig dish, neat QSLs, ect.

   To summarize;  The Radisson on Port Washington Road, just south of Good Hope Road, Friday the 1st, at 7 PM, pool suite 124, see you there, and please RSVP.  I also plan on being at Amateur Electronics Superfest earlier in the day for a few hours, and again on Saturday, where I will join W9XT for a presentation on 144 MHz QRP EME.

   Ken W9GA”

   If you need to RSVP, try doing it thru the Badger Contesters email list.   Info about the email reflector is on the right hand side of the BC’ers home page.  Or email W9GA (whoops, his email isn’t on or I can pass a message to Ken, too.

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