Long-Range 2m Nets ON Tomorrow Evening

   Wednesday has to be the most active night on 2m SSB/CW, in the USA/VE. 
   We do our part with a trio of net controls with strong signals.  Each net is spread out — time, frequency and location-wise.  We do this to ensure maximum coverage.   The goal is to increase on-air activity in all directions.   Our nets are informal; listen along or say hello when you can.  Everyone is welcome; please help us spread the word.    If a net isn’t your thing,  simply get on and enjoy the activity.  Spread out across the band, and call your own CQ’s in various directions.    
   Net controls tomorrow night are:
  144.250 @0030Z  — K8TQK  from EM89je, south-central OH
  144.240 @0100Z  —  WB9LYH  from EN54cl, middle of WI
  144.230 @0200Z  — KA0KYZ  from EN33qw, far SE MN.
   If you’d like to know more about Wed. nights, plus other active nets from EN91, EL99 and EM13, click on this link:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=5016  All the times, frequencies and net control stations are listed in that link.   Plus some helpful hints for making your time on the air more useful and enjoyable.  
   I list a variety of other nets — different days, bands, states — at this link:    http://kc9bqa.com/?p=5017  Go there and learn about all the possibilities.

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