Midwest/Great Lakes Stations, Post Your Sept. Contest Plans Here

   W0UC Paul in EN44 has come thru again with his useful Google spreadsheet.  If you are within 500 miles of WI, post your Sept. 10-11th contest plans here:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvU0R8d2qq2DdG1uTGVweEowVGpfaGFRX0VkeFV0Q1E&hl=en_US#gid=0   Please note that there are tabs on the bottom for both fixed stations and rovers. 

   If you are in another part of the country, thanks for visiting.  I hope that other parts of the country will do similar spreadsheets or listings of their regional VHF/UHF contest activity.  Let’s try to keep this spreadsheet W0UC created focused on the Midwest and Great Lakes, please.

   I’ve noticed thru the years that most guys don’t firm up their contest plans until the week before the contest.  So don’t expect that spreadsheet to fill up very quickly right now.  Keep checking it, and you’ll see that after Labor Day, it will pick up.   Right now, I expect to be on for much of the contest, Sept. 10-11th.    We had very good rover activity in the August UHF contest 2 weekends ago.  Hope September will build on that trend.   Who’s going out roving?

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