Badger Contesters Get Together and Pizza Party is March 30th.

   I have email from my elmer and long-time Badger Contester W9GA: 

“Hello all BCers and friends;
I now have our suite reserved for friday March 30 at the Radisson North shore,  suite 224 as like last year, just up on the second floor, above room 124 where we held it most years.  (KC9BQA adds — the Radisson North Shore is located at Good Hope and Port Washington Roads, on Milwaukee’s far north side, about 3 miles away from Amateur Electronic Supply) 

I will hope to see you all, even from out of town, who come in for (Amateur Electronic Supply’s) superfest. 
(Here is the link to AES Superfest, which is Mar 30th-31st

We get underway about 7:00 PM, and order in some pizzas from down the street. 

Let me know who is planning, so I can get a head count.  We will pass the hat as usual for the room and the pizza.
This is the first preliminary notification, but I will make a more formal announcement soon.
Keep that evening open for our annual beer/soda/pizza gathering.  If anyone needs to come in from out of town, Ray K9KHW has mentioned that we can get a special rate for a room at the Radisson that friday night.  Let me know if  you wish to do that, and I will get you the ‘code’ for your reservation.  
More later;  
Ken W9GA”

 KC9BQA Continues…
 The Badger Contesters are my V/UHF Club.  Their website is at  This link shows the 175-mile club circle.  Don’t let the infrequently updated website fool you; this is an active club.  Been around for probably close to 20 years now.  If you would like for your V/UHF contest scores to go toward a club effort, please join the BC’ers.  Follow the info at the website.  The BC’ers are a low-key, low-stress club, with no dues. 
   If you are a Badger Contester, you already received W9GA’s message via the BC email reflector.  If you are interested in joining BC and want to get together with some V/UHF’ers on the evening of March 30th, by all means visit the pizza party — it’s a lot of fun.  You can let W9GA know you’re coming by emailing him kboston6 (at sign)

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