K8TQK 144.250 Net — 21 Check-Ins and DX from FM29 and EM62

1pm Saturday —
There was a very strong turnout with K8TQK’s 144.250 net Wed. night.  Bob’s 21 check-ins were:
WB8AUK EN80;  VE3LPY and N8WNA EN82;  KC8YJB, K8GDT, NF8O and KD8FHY EN91;  VE3VII and VA3ELE/M FN03;  W2UAD FN13;  WB2RVX FM29;   W8ULC EM79;  W8WG and WT8E EM89;  K8WFN EN90;  N8DJB EN81;  KY4MRG EM77;  KI4ROF EM55;  WA4REE EM65;  KI4PQE EM62 and   KE4TWI EM66.
Our Wed. net controls enjoy DX check-ins.  Great to see check-ins from FM29 (NJ) and EM62 (AL).   Great to see ONT, NY, KY and TN represented, too.   Thanks for looking toward Bob and checking in.   Thanks everyone for helping us spread the word and for keeping 2m SSB alive and well.

It looks to me like the ON4KST.com real-time VHF/UHF chat is a big success.  Activity there has been strong for months now, and keeps growing.  The specific room for V/UHF’ers in North America is the IARU Region 2 chat.   If you need instructions for getting signed up, visit this link:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=1072

As mentioned in the post below, neither WB9LYH nor myself will be available on Wed., Mar. 7th.  WB9LYH should be back with the 144.240 net on Mar. 14th from EN54cl, central WI.   If someone else wants to pick up the mic and start a bit of a net on 144.240 next Wed., by all means, do so.  If enough VHF’ers picked up the mic and called CQ on their own, we wouldn’t need nets to ensure activity.
K8TQK will be on next Wed. with his 144.250 net at 0130Z from EM89je, south-central OH.  At least I hope he will.   The severe weather that happened both last Wed. and Fri. was just awful and I hope it didn’t impact Bob’s QTH.

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