K8TQK 144.250 Net Report From Wed., March 7th

   8:45am Monday —
   K8TQK had 15 check-ins last Wed. with his 144.250 net from EM89je, south-central OH.  Bob heard from a new state (at least with this net) — NC — via N1GC in EM95.  I have no experience with shooting a signal over/thru the Appalachians and Smokies so I don’t really know how tough a contact that was.  I would think it is pretty tough, unless one of the stations has superior HAAT (Height Above Average Terrain)  For what it’s worth, N1GC was giving Bob an S7 signal report.   Hope we hear about more and more stations from the Carolinas, VA, MD, and DE checking in with K8TQK.  If there’s only one station in OH that’s going to make these contacts, it’s going to be K8TQK. 
   Here’s Bob’s list of check-ins:  N8WNA and N8AIA EN82;  K8GDT EN91;  W2UAD and VE3VII FN03;  AC3L/M FN00;  K4XXX EM97;  N1GC EM95;  KY4MRG EM77;  WA4ZKO EM78;  WA4REE EM65;  KI4ROF EM55;  KB9RDS EM79;  WB8AUK EN80 and a very tough contact via CW with KA0KYZ in EN33, as the net was wrapping up.  It has to be more than 470-500 miles between Bob and Terry, so good contact. 

   Both WB9LYH and I were OFF again last Wed.  I’ll update our status in a post I’m about to start making right now.  Check back here in about 10 minutes…

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