Several Items — Net Controls Wed. Night + Spring Sprints Schedule + 144.205 Daily Activity is Soaring

   11:15am central Tuesday — 

   1)  Net controls tomorrow night (Wed.) are WB9LYH EN54cl on 144.240 at 0000Z or 7pm central and K8TQK EM89je on 144.250 at 0030Z or 8:30pm eastern.  Scroll down this front page to the March 12th post, if you want more info about the Wed. nets.   The nets are informal.  Licensed hams are free to listen along or say hello.  The purpose is to help create more on-air activity.    Our net controls enjoy DX check-ins so give it a try.  We also appreciate how so many of you  have helped spread the word these past 3-4 years. 

   2)  The Spring Sprints schedule has been announced.   Sponsor K9JK would like everyone to visit the Sprints website at   Once there, you will see a link to the 2012 dates and rules on the  left.   That link is   Please take a few minutes to go thru the website.   
    2m sprint is Monday evening, April 9, 2012, from 7-11pm in your local time zone.   
   222 MHz sprint will follow on Tuesday, April 17th,  7-11pm.  
   432 MHz sprint will be on Wednesday, April 25th, 7-11pm.   
   Looking into May, the Microwave sprint (900 MHz and higher) will be on Saturday *morning*, May 5th, from 6am – 1pm in your local time zone.   
   50 MHz sprint will be on Sat. *evening*, May 12th, starting at 2300Z time on Sat. and ending at 0300Z on Sunday morning, UTC time.  In the central time zone, that means 6pm-10pm Sat. evening.   The 6m sprint always runs on UTC time so that everyone across the USA and VE is on at the same time, in case there are sporadic E skip openings that cross multiple time zones. 
   Distance-based scoring will be used in all 5 sprints.  Please know your 6-digit grid square.  Any questions — visit the Spring Sprints website links I provided above. 

   3rd item today —  The KA1ZE 144.205 Daily Activity Group (every morning, starting about 1100-1200Z and sometimes running for several hours) keeps getting better and better.  I have had the pleasure of reading KA1ZE’s colorful and information-packed daily reports via email.  You can, too.  You can contact Stan at stanka1ze (at sign) and ask to be added to the email list.   OR… NEW OPTION… you can now visit and get the archived daily reports there.   Do yourself a favor and enjoy the daily listing of activity on not only 144 MHz, but 222, 432 and 1296 MHz as well.  You can read net reports from various parts of the country, look at shack and antenna pictures of VHF’ers all across the USA and Canada — it’s really something else. 
    Guys, this is easily the best thing going on weak-signal V/UHF.  7 days a week, there is widespread activity on 144.205 and by now, it has certainly spilled out up and down the band from there.  You can monitor the happenings via the chat (use the IARU Region 2 chat for 144-432 MHz).  Better yet, get on the air in the morning and see who all you can reach.  Help spread the word and improve V/UHF activity levels in your own backyard.

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