Net Reports — Very Light Activity Last Night

   6:30am Thursday —
   If you want to get right to the net reports, skip the next two paragraphs. 

   You’d think this cat cruising around my legs was going to starve to death.  Every morning… the same old thing.   There’s a lot of fun things going for Chloe the big grey cat; wouldn’t trade her in for anything.   One of her best routines is when she will fetch a ball that she plays with, and drop it by us, to let us know to roll it around for her.  Whereupon she will push the ball back to you, like she’s an infielder.  But man, the morning “FEED ME, FEED ME!” routine gets tired.   Even tried an automatic feeder one time.  That lasted all of 24 hours.  She figured out that by a combination of trying to bite the corner of it, plus rocking it with her paws, she could get it to dispense one or two kibbles, with enough vibration.  You can imagine what sounded like, ahem.  Gave the dumb feeder to the local humane society, but we kept Chloe.  🙂  

    Irritated that SE WI missed out on another rain.  While areas to our west and north are ready to build arks, we keep missing out.  Feast or famine, the past 5-6 weeks.   Right at our QTH, we’ve had basically 3.5″ of rain since the start of May.  And we got lucky with 1.15″ that fell early Monday morning — grateful for that.   Areas just to our south, more toward Milwaukee, missed most of that and are drier.  I also see on some drought maps that a swath from S MI and NW OH, down thru IN into IL are worse off.    (this is an interesting website for analyzing precip trends all across the USA   Lots of different ways to display and analyze the data, have fun with it.) 
     At least the 90’s have gone away and it will be cooler for the next week.  But it also looks like it will stay dry for another week, at least.    

     This is a VHF blog so we’ll get back on track here.  Last night was the lightest we’ve had in many months.  Hope we can change that next Wed. 
     WB9LYH with the 144.240 net from EN54cl had t-storms bearing down on him at net time.  Mark contacted N9OLT EN64 and K9CCL EN61 in the first 10 minutes, and then had to pull the plug by 8:15pm central. 
     K8GDT EN91bf (just south of Cleveland) had 5 check-ins that I saw via the real-time VHF chat.  They were:  KD8FHY and KC8YJB EN91;  N8WNA EN82;  KD8DJE EM89 and W9EWZ EN52.  I’m glad to see that someone else from WI/ILL supported K8GDT’s 144.252 net.  I’m able to work K8GDT at least 80-90% of the time, on a 350 mile path.  Yes, he’s several S-units lighter than K8TQK, but then again, just about *everyone* is. 

    I would plan on the same net controls for next Wed., June 27th.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we’ll start getting some of the tropo enhancement that summer’s supposed to bring.   

   Stand by for another post — want to see if we can expand the list of guys I email each week with net reminders.

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