Who Needs to be Added to the Weekly Email Reminders?

   7:15 am Thursday — 
   I’m making this post in hopes that many of you will send me the calls and email addresses of hams who need/want reminders to get on the air more often.  I’ll get specific about that in a bit.  If you’re in a hurry, skip to the bold print at the very bottom. 
   First a little background…
   When I started these nets on my own back in June of 2008, I knew I’d have to reach out to a lot of hams somehow.  Why?  Because I wanted many hams to know that we were going to make Wednesdays a lot more active.  Plus if I have a net where I keep getting the same 3-4 check-ins, then I’m going to quickly grow bored.  
    Check out this post of mine from March 3, 2010 if you want to see how heavily I emailed for 2-3 years, in an effort to raise V/UHF awareness:  http://kc9bqa.com/?p=2079   
    By now, I’ve phased out 80% of those groups.  I figure that they now can visit the website, plus to be honest, in most of those groups, I was only really connecting with a small handful of hams.  I asked those hams to email me personally, and I’d add them to a hand-crafted email list of my own.  
    At this time, I have 3 email lists.  1) is called MI/OH/IN and can include anyone to the SE of WI.  2) is called Midwest and Plains and that’s basically anyone to the SW, W or NW of WI.  3) is WI VHF’ers and those hams are closer to home, obviously. 

    Email goes out to about 170 hams, total.  I wish everyone would simply visit the website once or twice a week, but I know that’s not going to happen with 100% compliance.  So I email every Tuesday or Wednesday, reminding about the nets, and around V/U contests, I also send out a little bit of rah-rah, to get the ball rolling there.  (Remember my first love is V/UHF contesting.) 

     WHAT I’D LIKE FOR YOU TO DO IS THIS:  If you think there are hams who would enjoy the weekly emails, please send me their calls and email addresses.  You can send this to  sprinkies (at) excel (dot) net.   That’s my email.  
     The purpose of getting them on the email list would be to a) get them to get on the air more often and/or b) get them familiar with an aspect of ham radio that few know about — making DX-type contacts of several hundred miles on the SSB/CW portions of V/UHF any old time. 
     This also works the other way.  If you would like to be dropped from the weekly emails, just let me know, no hard feelings at all.   If you’re a frequent visitor to kc9bqa.com, the emails are redundant anyway.
     What’s our geographical range with this request?  Draw a 500-mile circle around our two net controls QTH’s.  Talking EN54cl with WB9LYH or right in the middle of WI.  Talking EM89je or south-central OH with K8TQK, who is getting some station problems ironed out.  500 mile circles around those fellows covers a LOT of territory.

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