Enter Your V/UHF Contest Plans Here. (If you’re within 300-400 miles of WI)

   11:30 Tuesday —
   Been talking up the CQ WW VHF Contest for a few months now on this blog.  If you want the most recent post, scroll halfway down this front page for a July 7th post.  
   CQ WW VHF Contest is a fun one, 6m and 2m bands only.  Not so many things to keep track of and less band switching than with a full-blown ARRL multi-band contest.   The CQ WW VHF starts at 1800Z this Sat., July 21st and goes until 2100Z on Sun., July 22nd.  
   Link to the rules:  http://www.cqww-vhf.com/CQVHFContestRules2012.pdf

     W0UC Paul in EN44 has again created a Google spreadsheet where you can enter your contest plans.  Before I share the link, I want a few things to be clear.
   1)  I know nothing about a Google spreadsheet.  I’m just the messenger.
   2)  Notice on the lower left that there are tabs for both fixed stations and rovers.  
   3)  We kindly ask that with this sheet, the emphasis remains on WI and nearby states.  We’re NOT trying to create a nationwide sheet.  If you are more than say 300-400 miles from WI, considering doing something similar for your own area.  It would be a big boost to V/UHF contesting if there were similar listings for other parts of the USA and Canada.   We’ve all seen what KA1ZE and the 144.205 morning group has done to get more signals on the air, 7 mornings a week.   If you have no idea what I’m talking about, visit ka1ze.com and take some time to go thru his ”Activity Newsletter Archives”, plus click on ”Letter from Stan regarding the mission of the .205 morning group”. 
   4)  Please spread the word among your V/UHF buddies in WI and nearby states to list your CQ WW VHF plans here:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvU0R8d2qq2DdEJUaXBaZ0wwNjNCNU8wcGJYcVgwUWc#gid=0

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