Getting Involved with the Ham Chat Pages

     10:45am Thursday —
     Regular visitors to know all about the chat by now.  I’m making this post today more for newcomers. 

      Our Wed. 2m SSB nets were strong again last night.  Glad to see plenty of interaction on the chat page (use IARU Region 2 for 144-432 MHz.)  No idea what an chat is all about?  It’s free, no BS or losers, and it can help you make more on-air contacts.  If you have a computer and internet near your rigs, you are all set.   Well over 3000 USA/VE/XE VHF’ers have gotten on board since the room’s birth 2 1/2 years ago.  
    The 144-432 MHz chat room has activity every morning and evening.   I’m sure weekends and some middays have activity as well.  If you want the 7 simple steps to get signed up, go to this post:  
    If you want the story about how the IARU Region 2 chat for 144-432 MHz got started, click here:

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