Bands are Way Up This Morning

   6:15am Wednesday —
   Very dense fog this morning over much of the Midwest means the bands are wide open.  In fact, the 144 MHz Prop Logger says that an EN52 station is hearing EM16, Oklahoma.
   The real-time APRS 2m map is showing red from the U.P. of MI/WI/IL down into OK/AR.
    I said days ago that we were likely to have good conditions for much of the next week and that’s proving true.  I’d expect the good conditions to continue until a cold front sweeps thru later on Thanksgiving night. 

   Hope many of you are able to get on, call CQ and work some DX. 

   Let’s type up tonight’s net announcement.  It’s N9OLT EN64am on 144.240 at 7pm central and K8TQK EM89je on 144.252 at 8:30pm eastern.

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