144.240 Net Plans for Wed., Jan 2, 2013 + 144.252 Net Changes Coming Up.

   11am Monday —
   Wish I had more time today but I don’t.   If you haven’t visited in some time, I refer you to a Nov. 30th post that has all the topics I’ve been wanting to cover for several weeks now.   You can get caught up there. 
   Actually not too much point in talking about Monday night nets when it’s New Year’s Eve.  Hard to say which nets might be on, and which ones might be off on New Year’s Eve.  

   What I CAN tell you is that on Wed. night, a combination of N9OLT and WB9LYH will be taking the 144.240 net from WI.  WB9LYH might not be home in time for the 7pm central start and if that happens, N9OLT will start the net, no problem.   So tune in Wed. night and see who you get.   Remember that N9OLT is in EN64am, Green Bay.  WB9LYH is in EN54cl, about 70 miles west of Green Bay. 

    When I have the net schedule for the rest of January, I will post it here.  

     The 144.252 net from OH is *OFF* this Wed.  I haven’t heard that K8TQK’s rotor has been fixed.   When K8TQK is back up and rotating on 144 MHz, his net will be moving to Monday nights.  This should be a permanent change.   Same start time of 8:30pm, but now on Monday nights.    Refer to that Nov. 30th post if you want more details.  

     Nothing is changing with the 144.240 net.  The 144.240 net from WI will stay on Wed. nights, 7pm central/8pm eastern.

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