Link to a Comprehensive List of MI Nets

  11am Sunday —
  This will probably be the last update for today.  

   This link will help those who are looking for more VHF activity out of MI.  
   You will notice many different nets on different nights. 

   Several caveats:
   1)  I have no way of knowing when this listing was last updated. 
   2)  I haven’t  personally listened to any of these nets so I’m just passing along info I found via a Google search. 
   3)  Some of these nets might be for a more local audience.  No idea if they’re actively looking for check-ins from outside their territory.   I would simply listen along, see if I can hear something and get a feel for what’s going on. 
   4)  A few readers will notice there are some FM nets listed in that link.  Please don’t start sending me appeals to include your local club’s weekly FM nets here at   The emphasis here is on increasing activity on the weak-signal (meaning SSB/CW) portions of VHF/UHF bands like 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz.   Using the bands and modes and antennas that provide reliable communications out to 100, 200, 300 miles or more.  

    If there are two nets in this bunch that are looking for a regional audience, I’d assume it’s the 144.155 one on Sunday nights that I just spoke about below.   Plus the Sat. night net on 50.170.  I believe this is still called by our friend KD8IME from EN71, far NW OH.  Bob has a good signal on 6m and I know he likes plenty of check-ins.  The start time says 8pm eastern, but I would check and see if they are on the air as early as 7pm.  I thought I heard someone say a while back that they may have changed their start time.   Whatever — check at 7pm and 8pm eastern and see what you hear.  And yes, let us know first-hand by using the “comment” feature at the bottom of this post.

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