Nice Net Tonight — I Hear From 18 Check-Ins

   9:20pm Thursday —
   Plenty of VHF’ers on tonight, including two who were new to the SSB side of 2m.   Always pleased to hear new signals.
   Conditions were OK, nothing special.  One exception was to the NW, where K0SIX in EN35 was 3-4 S units louder than usual.   I did have some noise in most directions, and if I missed anyone, I apologize.
   Had plenty of check-ins to the east and southeast, where a winter storm has been occuring today.   Thanks for the effort.
   Tonight’s net went about 75 minutes, which isn’t unusual with me if there’s enough check-ins.

   Here’s the list:   N9OLT EN64;  N8WNA EN82;  W8SOL and WD9DSN EN71;  WJ8L EN72;  K9SQU EN62;  W8BYA EN70;  K9CCL, N9JBW and KC9RIO EN61;  W9WZJ EM69;  KC9CLM/M EN52;   KC9SGL EN53;  WB0YWW and KG0SJ EN22;  N9KOR EN44 and K0SIX EN35.   Heard from WM8I in EN80, who checked in off the back as I was wrapping things up.  You sure have good ears, Roger.
   Want to acknowledge K9SQU and KC9SGL who are new to the net and to 2m SSB.  Welcome.   K9SQU was plenty loud with the M2 9-element antenna, horizontally-polarized.  Assuming he has a fairly clear horizon, he should be able to get out 150-300 miles, under normal conditions, with that yagi.   (That’s a friendly hint to those who use compromise antennas, get discouraged and then give up on weak-signal V/UHF)

   Next Wed’s net will be called by either WB9LYH in EN54cl, near WI Rapids, or by N9OLT in EN64am, Green Bay.

   I hope to make several updates over the next few days.   Check back toward Friday or Saturday.

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