Sunday Night Activity out of MI and MN

  10:30am Sunday Dec. 30th, 2012  —
  I am aware of 3 SSB VHF nets on Sunday nights (within a few hundred miles of WI) 

  1)  K8NFT calls the Sidewinders Around Michigan net on 144.155 at 9:30pm eastern Sundays from EN62xt, far W MI, near Grand Rapids.  Bob starts out looking N, then goes clockwise, or E, S and W as the net progresses.   I was reminded of this net by KD8LDX, who listened to it himself a few weeks ago and confirmed this net is alive and well.   

  2)  K0SIX calls a net on 50.175 at 8:30pm central Sundays from EN35dj, or an hour north of the Twin Cities.  Vince has a very big signal and can work out to 300-400+ miles via normal “groundwave” on 6m (to stations with horizontal yagis pointed at him).   Not sure about the antenna pattern K0SIX uses for the net, but I know that he’ll be on the chat (IARU Region 2 chat for 144-432 MHz, or try the 50 MHz chat, as well.  I’m sure you can have more than one chat open at a time.) 

  3)  KA0PQW calls a net on 144.260 at 9pm central Sundays from EN33iu, far south-central MN.  Matt also has a nice signal — I can usually work him on a 265 mile path when we’re pointed at each other.   I’m also not sure of the antenna pattern KA0PQW uses, so just point toward the middle of the MN/IA state line and wait for his signal to peak up.    EDIT — March 1, 2013 — I think KA0KYZ (also in EN33) may be net control on 144.260 now.  Terry has a big signal, too. 
   EDIT — EDIT — 3:30pm Monday, April 15th. 
   KA0KYZ emailed to give us the straight scoop with the NLRS Sunday night 144.260 net (9pm central).   Terry says that KA0PQW is generally running the Sunday night .260 net (KA0PQW is also in EN33) and that if Matt is unavailable, then K0SIX usually takes it, with KA0KYZ being an occasional 3rd string backup.

    As with any of these nets, they may miss a week every now and again.  Especially at this holiday time of the year.  But I can confirm that all 3 nets have been active recently, so add them to your list of Sunday possibilities.

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