Beacon Updates — 432.320 and 1296.274 (EN52gb) and 144.289 (EM69tr) + Monday Night 432.100 Activity.

    6:30am Saturday —

    N4PZ will be changing the frequency on his strong 432 MHz beacon.  Effective April 15th, the new frequency will be 432.320 MHz, and not 432.280.  The move to 432.320 is to get away from radar interference in ONT, OH and MI.  Seeing as N4PZ is located in EN52gb, a half hour SW of Rockford, IL, this tells you how far this beacon gets out. 
    The N4PZ beacon on 432.320 is approximately 50 watts to a pair of Big Wheels at 70′.  It runs from dawn to mid morning and again from 6pm to midnight on 100% wind/solar power.  Steve would appreciate reception reports to n4pz (at)  
   If you look at N4PZ’s writeup at, it also says he has a “beacon on 1296.274 10 watts split between two loop yagis. one pointed at MN other at MO at 40 feet.”  I’m not 100% sure this is still QRV, but it’s worth mentioning. 

   ** Remember that N4PZ also hosts the 432.100 activity net every Monday at 8pm central.**  He has 4 long yagis and 1500 watts, and regularly makes 300-400+ mile contacts when the other station is pointed right at him.  This has been on for several years now and it is the only 432 MHz net I know of within several hundred miles of WI and IL.    Plus, you’ll look long and hard to find a station with better range on 432.  N4PZ *loves* DX check-ins so guys in a multi-state area, make sure to put this on your Monday night UHF calendar.  I would monitor the chat page to know where N4PZ is pointing and who he’s working, and I would aim my 432 yagi right at EN52gb and wait for his signal to magically peak up as he goes around the compass.    

    W9WZJ has also emailed to say his 144.289 beacon is back on the air from EM69tr, which is the far west side of Indianapolis.  Darin’s running 4 watts to a pair of M2 loops at 27′.   I’m sure he wouldn’t mind reception reports, either.  His email address can be found at his writeup at 

    I know we often get new visitors to  There may be other beacons on other bands that you can hear.  A lot of weak-signal V/UHF’ers monitor beacons a few times a day to get a feel for the day-to-day variations in band conditions.   Two good listings of beacons are here:  covers 144 MHz and higher   and…  covers exclusively 50 MHz  (6 meters) 
   Save those to your VHF/UHF favorites folder.   Don’t rely on for your only source of beacon info. 

    I made a different post about beacons back on Dec. 28, 2012.  The link to it is here:  Visit that post and you’ll find out about other beacons in WI and nearby states.

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