Improve VHF/UHF Activity — Tell Hams What is Possible

   12:15pm Monday 

   Warmer weather is building and that means better chances for band openings where contacts can be made beyond the 400-500 mile range.  Be alert for what’s happening, especially in the evenings, overnights and in the early to mid-mornings.  Help “create” more openings.  Get on more, call CQ more often.  Rotate your yagis in all directions.   Get out of the habit of  “just listening”.  If 20 guys are “just listening”, how many contacts get made?  

   There are 1000’s of all-band, multi-mode rigs out there.  Tell your ham buddies about what is possible on the SSB/CW portions of bands like 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz.    Contacts are made well beyond line-of-sight range on the VHF/UHF  bands every day, provided you know when and where to listen.   No, you can’t do this with a H/T, rubber duck and 5 watts.  But it’s far from rocket science.  Just learn about horizontally-polarized antennas, lower-loss feedline, higher output power and find places to get those antennas up higher, in the clear.

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