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WB9LYH 144.240 Had 12 Check-Ins This Wed.

Friday, May 9th, 2014

   6pm Friday

   Thunderstorms stayed away on Wed. night and WB9LYH reported good propagation.  Mark’s 12 check-ins to the 144.240 Wed. night net (called from EN54cl, central WI) were:  N8WNA EN82;  W8KX and KD8PA EN72;  W8SOL EN71:  KA9VDU and WB9TFH EN53;  W9EWZ EN52;  N9JBW and K9CCL EN61;  WB0YWW EN22;  KM0T and W7XU EN13.  Nice turnout and want to acknowledge a *pair* of EN13 check-ins.  Nice path to the IA/SD border area.  Nice to have KM0T stop by, too.  Hi Mike, if you read this. 

   Remember that the 144.240 net is now on summer hours, which means an 8pm central/9pm start.  WB9LYH expects to be on next Wed., now that his antennas are fixed.   Antenna pattern from Central WI is NE to start, then E, SE, S, SW, W, NW and N over the next 45-60 minutes.  All licensed hams are welcome, the net is informal, purpose is to create more activity on 2m SSB.  DX is always encouraged to listen in and give it a try.  WB9LYH has stacked 17B2’s and 500W from a ridgetop location and he loves pushing the propagation limits.

WB9LYH is Back *ON* with the Wed. 144.240 Net

Monday, May 5th, 2014

   1pm Monday

   Good news from WB9LYH in EN54cl, central WI.  Mark had better weather this weekend and he was able to repair a solder joint.  So his antennas (stacked 17B2’s) are good to go and he will be back with the 144.240 long-range net this Wed — May 7th. 

   Summer start time is 8pm central/9pm eastern.   From the middle of WI, WB9LYH starts the net by looking NE briefly into the U.P. of MI.  Then he looks E, SE, S, SW, W, NW and N over the next 45-60 minutes, depending on how busy the net is.  All licensed amateurs are welcome.  The net is informal and the purpose is to increase activity on 2m SSB. 
   With warmer weather just to our south, band openings are becoming more likely every week.  We want stations well beyond the normal range of 200-400 miles to know that WB9LYH loves DX check-ins.   Look toward EN54 on 144.240 on Wed. nights and help us spread the word.

Here’s VHF/UHF Activity — 7 Nights a Week

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

   Noon Thursday

   If you are looking for the KC9BQA For Sale list, it’s 3 posts below, dated April 21st. 

   There are many nets and/or activity nights on bands like 50, 144, 222 and 432 MHz.   You can read all about them at posts dated Oct. 13, 15, and 17, 2013 at  All 7 nights of the week are covered in those posts.  The territory centers on the Midwest/Great Lakes, but some Plains and Mid-East options are also listed. 
   You are free to spread that info everywhere.   Get on the air and say hello.   Also, help support the bands by calling your own CQ’s at any time.  So many guys are ”just listening”, but the solution for low activity levels is to call CQ occasionally.

   Don’t forget the ham chat.  They have chats for many different bands but the one I’m talking about in this blog is the “IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz”   All the info you need about the ham chat is in this post:  Read thru that and learn about this free, no BS chat option.  If you have internet and a computer near your rigs, you’re all set.  Over 4200 VHF’ers have joined by now.

K8TQK’s Monday 144.252 Net Reports For April, 2014

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

   11:30am Thursday

   Let’s get everyone caught up with who’s been checking into K8TQK’s net on Monday nights.   Remember that K8TQK is on 144.252 every Monday night @8:30pm eastern, with a whopping signal from EM89je, or south-central OH.   Bob’s antenna pattern is to start out north, then NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW over the next 45-60 minutes.  All licensed amateurs are welcome to listen along (or better yet) say hello.  The net is informal and the purpose is to increase activity on 2m SSB. 
   Get out your grid map and some push pins or a highlighter and feast your eyes on how far K8TQK’s signal gets out, with flat band conditions.  It’s amazing what is possible on the SSB/CW portions of the VHF/UHF bands, with good antennas up high and reasonable output power (at least 25-50w, and preferably 100w or more)   Then take that grid map to your next radio club meeting, and show Joe Q. Ham the true potential on 2 meters. 

   On April 7th, K8TQK’s net was OFF because of the Spring 2m Sprint.

   On April 14th, the Monday 144.252 net had 18 check-ins:  N8AIA and N8WNA EN82;  KD8JQ EN91;  KB3TNZ FN10;  KI4ROF EM55;  W2UAD FN13;  AC3L/M FN00;  WD4NMV EM85;  W4LES, WA4NJP, W4IFN and W4VAS EM84;  N8XA EM79;  W8PU and KB8GUE EM89;  KY4MRG EM77;  K9MRI EN70 and KA2KQM EM74. 

   On April 21st, the K8TQK 144.252 net had 25 check-ins:  N8WNA EN82;  KB8GUE, K8KGM and W8PU EM89;  KD8FHY and K8GDT EN91;  W2UAD FN13;  AC3L/M FN00;  W3IP FM19;  N8XA and WB8ART EM79;  N1GC EM95;  KJ4MCZ FM06;  WD4NMV EM85;  K4TXI and WB4IXU EM86;  W4LES, WA4NJP, W4QH, W4ZST and W4IMD EM84;  N4PPG EM76;  K9ZF EM78;  WB7PMP EM88 and KG9QT EN61.  Great turnout! 

   On April 28th, K8TQK again had 25 check-ins:  N8WNA and K8JA EN82;  K8KGM, KC8QDQ and KB8GUE EM89;  AC3L/M FN00;  NN3M and WD8CHR EN90;  W2UAD FN13;  K8GDT EN91;  KB3TNZ FN10;  K2PQI FM09;  W3IP FM19;  WB4IUY FM05;  KJ4ZYB FM07;  N1GC EM95;  W4LES, N4QH, W4IMD and W4ZST EM84;  K4TXI EM86;  N8XA EM79;  K9LQZ EM68, W8SOL EN71 and K9MRI EN70.  

   A few things I want to praise …
   1)  Been typing up these net reports for years now and I see many new calls (at least to this net).  That’s very encouraging.  Someone is helping to spread the word and doing a good job. 
   2)  The April 28th net had the best lineup from FM-land that I’ve ever seen.  Wonderful to see multiple Fox-Mikes on board.  I seriously doubt I have many readers from the Mid-Atlantic so again, someone is doing a great job of getting the word out. 
   3)  Want to tip my hat to the EM84 guys.  They always show up in good numbers and help increase activity on the band.   There’s a great 432 net out of EM84-land on Wed. nights and I need to get the current info and post it here.  With tropo season coming up, it’s entirely possible that some folks in the Midwest would hear the 432 net on Wed. nights.  Hope I remember to do that because I have to run right now.  Or Google W4DEX 432 net. 
  3a)  Those on 432 MHz also need to know that the N4PZ 432.101 activity is now on 7 nights a week, starting about 7:30pm central time.  N4PZ is located in EN52gb, about an hour plus west of Chicago, and he has a big 432 station and stirs up activity in a multi-state area.  They’d enjoy you stopping by and saying hello.  You can also follow along via the ham chat (IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz)