ARRL September VHF Contest is Sept. 13-14, 2014 + Link to VHF Contesting School Articles

   9pm Tuesday

   The last all-band VHF/UHF contest of the season is drawing closer.  Talking about the ARRL Sept. VHF, all bands 50 MHz and up.  It’s on the weekend of Sept. 13-14, 2014.  In the central time zone, it starts at 1pm Sat. and runs until 10pm Sun.   (The next ARRL multi-band contest will be on either the 3rd of 4th weekend of Jan., 2015) 
   Here’s the link to the rules:  
   In a week or so, I should have an additional post about this contest, with a link to that Google spreadsheet that W0UC in EN44 has been creating for years now.  In that interactive spreadsheet, Midwest and Great Lakes VHF contesters are encouraged to post their plans and get some pre-contest excitement going. 

    IF YOU ARE NEW TO VHF CONTESTING, I WOULD LIKE TO HELP.  I have a series of articles I wrote several years back.  I call them VHF Contesting School. is the main link.   Everything you need is there. 

    If you would rather have things broken down into bite-sized pieces, you can also go to these links:  
    These links are in order from a basic introduction, to antennas, to what bands and frequencies to use, and so on.   VHF Contesting School — Introduction.    Antennas – The Most Important Part of Your V/UHF Station.    What Bands and Frequencies to Use.     How to Log a V/UHF Contest.    Helpful Hints — Being a Smarter Operator.    Go Roving!   Put the Antennas and Rigs in the Mobile.    More Detailed Rover Info.    Rules and Scoring.  

    You are free to share this info with hams everywhere.  We need more VHF/UHF Contesters! 
    Reason I wrote these articles was to get more hams comfortable sitting down at the mic and calling, “CQ Contest”.  VHF/UHF contests (at least in the Midwest and Great Lakes) can *always* use more operators.
    THESE ARTICLES ARE NOW SEVERAL YEARS OLD.  I would definitely check the latest ARRL contest rules against what I have written in the last article entitled, “Rules and Scoring”.   The majority of the other articles still have advice that’s applicable today.

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