Post Your Contest Plans (Sep. 13-14) Here

   9:15am Wed. 

   See the post below for WB9LYH’s 144.240 net plans tonight.  

   This post pertains to the ARRL Sept. VHF Contest, which is Sept 13-14. 

   A full post about the Sept. VHF is dated Aug. 27, 3 posts below this one. 
That link also includes my series of articles called VHF Contesting School.  Get this info to hams everywhere.  You have my permission to rebroadcast. 

   Like he has for years now, W0UC Paul in EN44 has created a Google spreadsheet where those of us in the Midwest/Great Lakes can post our VHF contest plans.  Before I pass the link along (with W0UC’s permission) a few guidelines.  Please read these.  
    1)  I know nothing about a Google spreadsheet.  I’m just the messenger.
   2)  Notice on the lower left that there are tabs for both fixed stations and rovers.  
   3)  We kindly ask that with this sheet, the emphasis remains on WI and nearby states.  We’re NOT trying to create a nationwide sheet.  If you are more than say 300-400 miles from WI, considering doing something similar for your own area.  It would be a big boost to V/UHF contesting if there were similar listings for other parts of the USA and Canada.  
   4)  Please spread the word among your V/UHF buddies in WI and nearby states to list your ARRL August UHF Contest plans here:

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