144.240 Net Reports for last night and Oct. 5th

8:45am Thur

Last night, 144.240 net control WB9LYH reported “good propagation to the south but few on”.  Check-ins were KD9BGY, K9CCL and N9JBW EN61;  W1JWS EN50;  NG9K and N9RXM EN41;  N9EM EN53;  W9BBP, WB0SWQ and WA9BNZ EN40 and KG0SJ EN22.

On Oct. 5th, WB9LYH reported average conditions.  Check-ins were KC9RAP EN63;  N9YK EN71;  K9CCL, K9ILU and N9JBW EN61;  KB9PSE EN52;  WB9TFH EN53;  N9RXM and NG9K EN41;  WA9BNZ EN40;  W1JWS EN50;  AE0MM EN34;  K0DPL EN42 and KA0EIV EN30.   Net control WB9LYH also added at the end of his emailed net report to me, “Some of the stations use low power, some use minimal antennas, but it works anyway over hundreds of miles.  It is a learning experience.”
Pleased to welcome AE0MM as a new check-in.  Always nice to hear from Minnesota.  So many VHF’ers in the Twin Cities area, (and MN really, check out www.nlrs.org for their VHF/UHF club) but so few ever say hello.  Some areas are like that.  Used to recruit very heavily down toward St. Louis via email and could never get anyone to look north on Wed. nights.

THE WED 144.240 NET STARTS AT 8PM CENTRAL/9PM EASTERN.  Net control is WB9LYH Mark, in EN54cl, central WI, a good hour west of Green Bay.  If you need more info about the net, scroll down the front page here at kc9bqa.com to a post dated Sept. 28th.

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