N4PZ EN52gb Calls 432.110 Net — Mondays @8pm Central

8am Monday

Last Thursday I made at least 9 or 10 posts.  Plenty of good info in those posts.  But I need to make an important correction about the 432.110 MHz net.
The 432.110 net is on *EVERY MONDAY NIGHT* at 8pm central.  Net control is N4PZ in EN52gb, which is about 100 miles west of Chicago or just SW of Rockford, IL.
Not only does N4PZ help run the net, but he has other guys in the Chicago area who look around and help find check-ins too.   As I’ve said before, good high-gain yagis on 432 tend to be very pointy so be patient and flexible.   This group uses the real-time ham chat at www.on4kst.com.  You can follow along there.  If you want more info about the ON4KST.com real-time ham chat, I made a post about it here at kc9bqa.com on Nov. 10th.  Scroll thru the post headlines to quickly find what you want.

On 432 MHz, N4PZ has 4 yagis up high and he runs QRO or high power.   Talking 1500 watt amps and can get out 400-500 miles (and he’s also a big advocate of CW, which is how you work the really weak ones, out 500-600 miles)
Don’t expect anything close to this if you’re running a single short yagi, especially if it’s not high up in the clear, if you’re using low power or using lossy coax (coax losses increase greatly as you go higher in frequency)
BUT… at the same time, get on with what you have and see what you can hear.   Don’t worry about what Big Guns have or being looked down upon.  There are many fellows with the N4PZ group the last 4-5 years who now have nice stations on 432, as they’ve made improvements over time to their antennas, feedline and power levels.
“Look up” N4PZ at www.qrz.com and you can see what he’s about.  Lots of useful info and pictures there.

N4PZ runs his own email list for the 432.110 net.  Contact him directly at N4PZ (at) live.com if you want more info.
N4PZ has a 432.320 beacon running 100 watts into a pair of big wheels at 70 feet.   Again, the location is EN52gb, about 100 miles west of Chicago or a little SW of Rockford.  The 432.320 beacon is on from 6am-7pm every day.  This is a great way to find out if your 432 antenna is working.  A beacon is also useful because you can compare signal levels at different times of the day, with different weather patterns, etc.

Again, this Monday 432.110 activity starts at 8pm central.   High gain antennas on 432 MHz tend to be very pointy.  Meaning you need to be patient and need to be pointed at the station you are trying to hear.  When I was on the air I can remember the thrill of hearing a signal building from nothing to S5 or more rapidly as the station rotated their yagi in my direction.   If I had tuned in for 5 minutes, heard nothing and given up, I’d have had no idea what I was missing.
N4PZ’s antenna pattern from the Rockford, IL area on 432.110 is first pointed SW toward KS then S, SE, E, NE, N, NW ending SW again about 9 PM CDT.
It’s worth noting that other stations in the Chicago area help out by looking in different directions.  If I were new to this, I would either point a little SW of Rockford and wait for N4PZ, or I’d nudge toward Chicago at intervals and see if I can get any of those guys’ attention.
This is a very active group.  They are always looking for new signals and to push the DX envelope.

Recently (as of mid-2016) N4PZ is also trying to get 1296.100 or 1296.110 MHz activity going.   Again, contact him directly via his email (N4PZ (at) live.com) if you have questions or want to help.

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