Q5 Net in Chicago is on 144.220 Thur. at 6:30/7pm Central

12:15pm Thur.

Since it is Thursday, want to give a plug for a good 2 meter SSB net that’s on tonight and every Thursday.
For many years now, N9JBW in EN61, south side of Chicago, has been calling a friendly net on Thursdays on 144.220MHz. It’s called the Q5 net and they get out a long ways. Under flat conditions, they can get check-ins from IL, IA, (eastern) MN, WI, MI, IN, OH, VE-3, MO and at least far eastern KS. Probably KY and TN, too, if anyone down there looks north.
Many of the Q5 net regulars also check-in to our 144.240 Wed. net. We appreciate this and wish their net well.
The Q5 net on 144.220 has earlybird check-ins at 6:30pm every Thursday and the regular net starts at 7pm. As net control N9JBW John likes to say, “Check it out!”

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