N9XKH EN52il is Backup 144.240 Net Control for Wed. 8/8

5:45pm Tues.

N9XKH — Dennis — fills in occasionally when WB9LYH needs cover. N9XKH is located on the WI/ILL state line, southwest of Madison, WI. Grid square is EN52il. Dennis enjoys getting on 2 meter SSB but he doesn’t have a lot of free time. So when N9XKH is able to call a net, he really appreciates lots of activity, so he can verify how well he’s hearing and being heard.

If you need more info about the net, read on…  Feel free to share this info in all directions.
The Wed. 144.240 net is called by WB9LYH in EN54cl, Central WI, near Wi. Rapids. Start time is 8pm central/9pm eastern.
WB9LYH has a pair of long yagis and 500 watts from a ridgetop QTH.  The yagis are horizontally polarized, which is the custom on the SSB/CW/Digi sides of VHF/UHF bands.  Mark can routinely work stations out to 300-450 miles if they have good, higher-gain antennas up in the clear pointed at him. This is under flat band conditions; distances can increase if there’s enhanced propagation.
WB9LYH loves to push the propagation limits, so please help us spread the word that he’s out there on 144.240 on Wed. nights, looking to find DX.  Of course, we appreciate all check-ins, and we have loyal ones going back many years.  But sometimes you get a night where someone checks in from 500, 600+ miles away and that’s exciting.  All licensed amateurs are welcome to listen along or say hello when they can.  The net is informal and the purpose is to increase activity on 2 meter SSB.
WB9LYH’s antenna pattern is to start out looking ENE from EN54, then steadily move clockwise over the next 30-45 minutes. Talking E, SE, S, SW, W, NW and he wraps things up looking north.
Please help by spreading the word about our net and the other nets and activity nights I detail here at kc9bqa.com.

Do your own part for the bands and call CQ at any old time.  Don’t fall into the habit of “just listening”.  If a few dozen guys are at the radio and they’re all “just listening” how many signals are heard??

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